Roll Call’s mission mandates a sincere, on-going commitment to veterans in our community, to honor and serve. If Roll Call meets their needs, its mission will be fulfilled, lives will be positively changed, volunteers will feel accomplishment and appreciation, and the community will be engaged.

Roll Call’s Beliefs about Volunteers

  • All who share a commitment to our mission are welcome to join us in our work regardless of their background, ethnic origin, race, age or gender.
  • Roll Call is inclusive and made up of a diverse group of individuals who put aside personal agendas, egos, and differences to support Roll Call’s mission and veterans in our community.
  • Every member of the Roll Call family is valuable and everyone’s time, talents, and efforts are special gifts that are to be appreciated, respected, recognized, and never taken for granted.
  • The right role can be found for any person with a desire and heart to serve. Volunteers and Board members should be given opportunities to learn and grow within the organization.
  • The work of every volunteer is valued equally. All volunteers are treated with dignity and respect.
  • Roll Call values volunteers by giving them meaningful work to do and the materials, training, and supervision to complete their tasks and do so in a timely manner.
  • Volunteers are responsible for the quality of their work, their conduct on behalf of Roll Call, and for meeting their commitment to Roll Call, its veterans, and its mission.
  • All volunteers deserve frequent and accurate information about Roll Call activities and operations provided through regular, open, one-on-one communication with Board members, through publications, and through conversations with volunteer leaders.
  • Volunteers provide our organization with credibility, insight, perspective, diversity, and expertise that enlightens our operations, helps fulfill our mission, and engages the community in our activities.

Types of Volunteer Opportunities

All volunteers are asked to complete a volunteer application and will be interviewed and screened for appropriate placement within our organization. Volunteers are needed for administrative-type work which is very critical to organizing the monthly luncheons. Volunteers are needed to make phone calls prior to the event to obtain RSVPs for those that have not already done so, maintain spreadsheets and lists, and other tasks as assigned by Board Members. Volunteers assist at the monthly luncheons by setting up and decorating the tables, registering and checking in attendees, helping plate and serve the meals, refilling drinks, busing the tables, and visiting with the veterans. We also have local official military and JROTC color guards volunteer to present the colors. The most volunteers are needed for the Veteran Outreach program as we have over 700 veterans on our roster. Volunteers are needed who live throughout the DFW are and surrounding counties to visit veterans, maybe take them for coffee or lunch and assist them in whatever ways are identified, by making referrals to professional organizations, companies, or associations that can address these needs. Volunteers for this program are required to undergo an interview, and if approved complete Volunteer Orientation and Training. Volunteers can also assist with special events. For example, Roll Call participated in the Tarrant County Veterans Day parade and volunteers were needed to help decorate the float. We also have booths at various community festivals or special events such as the Wings Over Dallas Air Show, Azle Sting Fling, and others. This is a chance for volunteers to educate the community about our organization, hang out with veterans who also attend these events, and help raise money for Roll Call. Those interested in volunteering for the Mail Call program do not require any training, but all volunteers are bound by confidentiality guidelines in dealing with our veterans. Under no circumstances are veterans’ personal information to be given to anyone outside our organization without the consent of the veteran and/or Board President.

Become A Volunteer

If you have additional questions about becoming a volunteer you can contact us at or by selecting the “Complete Online” button below for Volunteer Application. If you would like to complete the application process you can download all three forms below and either mail them to us or bring the completed forms to the next luncheon.

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Indemnity Agreement

Volunteer Background Check

Military branch seals