Here we remember those who have answered the final roll call and continued on to their eternal journey.

Below are the names and faces of those we have lost. Each served our nation with honor and earned the title of “Veteran”. While they may be gone from our earthly home they will not be forgotten.

We remember those who served

And fought our nations wars

Who sacrificed for those they loved

In countries near and far

The heroes who did not come home

And those who came with scars

Forever we are grateful

For they who stand on guard

We honor those who gave their all

For Country, God and Corps

And those who waved a fond farewell

As they sailed from our shore

To those who soared into the sky

With such a mighty roar

And those who marched to battle

Their rifles at the fore

We say farewell one final time

And ask God to protect

The souls of our great Veterans

Who served without regret

We pray He holds them in His arms

Embraced without neglect

And loves them all as we have done

May their souls be at rest








Military branch seals