Rick Irving

Rick Irving Photographer

Rick is a native of Fort Worth. His father was a United States Marine who served in the South Pacific during WWII. Rick and his wife Susan met as teenagers at Birchman Baptist Church, where Roll Call luncheons are currently held. They married in 1972 and later that year Uncle Sam sent Rick an invitation to be in the Army. Instead of being drafted Rick joined the Army. A year later Susan also joined the Army. After spending four years in the Army they moved back to Fort Worth. Rick and Susan have four children.

In 1984 Rick and Susan joined his mother in the family’s real estate company and that year Rick started working at General Dynamics (later Lockheed Martin). For over 33 years Rick worked at Lockheed and with the family’s real estate company. Last year Rick retired from Lockheed and now pursues the business he enjoys so much, real estate.

Rick is an avid kayak fisherman and works closely with Heroes on the Water, an organization that takes veterans kayak fishing. As an amateur photographer Rick enjoys capturing memories with his camera.

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