Derek Kushera

Derek Kushera Volunteer

Derek Kushera has been a dedicated volunteer for Roll Call since May, 2017. He was born in Santa Monica, Ca. in 1949 and grew up as a surfer kid. He worked in his uncle’s glass shop as a young teenager and spent his life in the glass business.

Derek’s interest in veterans stems from his father being a B-17 pilot during WWII. He was shot down in France near their last mission. He was treated fairly well because he had a Czech name, but the four guys on the plane who had Jewish names had bullets shot through their heads on the spot. This had a very profound effect on a twenty-five year old kid, and in turn, had a profound effect on Derek. Derek’s father didn’t talk much about his war experiences, however Derek’s niece had him speak to her high school history classes which may have provided some help and solace for him in his later years.

Derek is a great asset to Roll Call. He is dependable and can be counted on at each luncheon. He quietly makes his way across the room bringing veterans drinks and attending to their needs and helping with whatever is needed.

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