Monthly Luncheon - August 30, 2019

It's almost that time again!  Our next luncheon is Friday, 30 August at 1130 at Birchman Baptist Church!  We have a great program lined up for you.  I'm home from Romania (though I was starting to believe I would never leave that country!) and really looking forward to seeing everyone. 

As always, your RSVP is important.  We can only have 325 people in the hall due to the fire code.  Please RSVP to this email by replying to me or you can email me.  I realize some have sent me emails before the newsletter went out.  To be sure I don't miss anyone, please RSVP again to this email. 

We realize some can't attend frequently which is why we also track the "no" responses so that we know you at least still wish to be engaged in the organization. 

We would like to get many of our other programs back up and running but do not currently have a volunteer coordinator.  We are looking for someone with the time and desire to commit to this truly important role.  If you know anyone, please have them email me! 

I can't wait to see you all on the 30th!