Dwayne Williams Vietnam

Our October 2022 Roll Call Luncheon was held on the 28th at Birchman Baptist Church. The speaker this month was our very own Dwayne Williams, Vietnam Veteran and helicopter pilot.

Dwayne Williams Vietnam
Vietnam Veteran Dwayne Williams

Dwayne Williams

Dwayne was born in Greenville, Tx in 1943. A year later Dwayne’s father went off to the US Navy to serve in the Pacific. Upon his return from the war, the family moved to Littlefield, Tx near Lubbock. Dwayne fell in love with flying at an early age after going to work as a flagman for a crop duster. After graduating high school Dwayne got his draft notice and with the help of a recruiter, managed to do all the right things to get into an aviation field. In time he became a flight cadet and trained to fly helicopters at Ft. Wolters. In November, 1966 Dwayne landed in Vietnam to start a one year tour flying “slicks” hauling in South Vietnamese troops and then he transitioned to gunships. During that time Dwayne lost several friends and had a number of close calls himself, often bringing in a shot up helicopter. Dwayne finished his army career up training pilots at Ft. Wolters. Dwayne’s career stayed exciting with more close calls flying workers to off-shore oil rigs, training pilots in Iran, and going to work for Bell Helicopter as a test pilot. Dwayne narrowly escaped becoming a statistic in the Bermuda Triangle and once gave a drug lord a demo flight in a helicopter. Dwayne will be the first to tell you that God has sure been busy watching over him.

October 2022 Roll Call Luncheon Photos

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New Board Member Steve Gross

Steve Gross
Steve Gross

We welcomed a new member to the Board of Directors. Steve Gross came on board as the Volunteer Coordinator.

John Boswell Birthday Celebration

WWII Veteran John Boswell celebrates 98th birthday Fort Worth Roll Call Luncheon October 2022
WWII Veteran John Boswell celebrates 98th birthday Fort Worth Roll Call Luncheon October 2022

We celebrated John Boswell’s 98th birthday during the Roll Call Luncheon. John served in the US Navy during WWII and the Korean War.

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